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This is a rare event for me to actually have a few

colts that I am willing to sell as broke horses!

Usually if I have them broke to ride, I keep them for life

for ranch work. I am selling these few broke horses, only to make

money and to get my good colts out in the public eye

as broke horses that have been started right.

I won't last long selling 'broke to ride colts',

so take a look and if you like what you see call me and set

an appointment to come and watch me ride them in person!

Lynette Mills


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Gelded as of Spring 2012


2006 AQHA Red Roan Stallion/ now a Gelding


^   Picture taken 5/15/2008


^   April 14th, 2010

4/14/10  ^  

4/14/10   ^

^   4/14/2010  ^

*  ^ 12/24/10

*  ^ 4/21/11

*  ^ 1/2/12

*  ^ 6/12/13

*  ^ 12/28/13

*  ^ 5/22/14

* ^  5/22/14


AQHA 2006 Red Roan Gelding

# 4858370

Foaled:  April 22, 2006


DOC'S SILVER BAR                                               




Sire:   Spooky Rip - Gray Stallion

Height - 14.2 hands

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 Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

and scroll to the middle of the page to pics and info on his sire.


Dam:   Kings Quick KC - sorrel/now a dark chestnut mare

Height - 15 hands

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Brood Mares

& scroll down the page to see his dam


He was broke to ride in November/December 2009 by our local

Ten Sleep, WY veterinarian.  Contact info available upon request.                            .

He put 25 rides on him and I have been riding him 3-5 times a week,

weather permitting since Dec. 4th, 2009. 

I rode him during some of my 2010 late winter/spring calving season

and he did great!  

**See my notes below these pics for more info on rides.**

current (12/28/14) Price: $4,000



^    December 2009    ^

^  Dec. 2009 ^

This is one amazingly gentle colt! 

His walk is just like his sire, ground covering and he lines out nicely.

He is a little fellow like his sire, only stands 14.2 hands right now.

He does however, have plenty of bone under him.  No spindly legs here!

He has a very strong back and good solid, healthy feet under him. 

For a young horse, he has a very quiet, calm personality.

He really is the epitomy of his sweet sire.  You really can't go wrong with him.

I put him behind cows on the last week of December 09 and he pitched right in

with no problems.  I used a stock whip with him for my first time on him. 

He didn't care about it at all.  Sensible and a joy to ride. 

He just needs more miles.

He is not ready for a beginner until he has had many more miles,

but if I can ride him,

almost anyone else with at least an intermediate

level riding skills can ride him too. 

Experienced riders will do just fine with him.

Jan 26th, 2010 - Rode home behind cattle for a 12 mile cattle drive!

Very sweet colt for a young stallion and it was a good ride on snowy steep hills!

April 2010 - I have added another 30 rides since February 1st, 2010,

including my March & some April riding.

May - June 2010 - He got almost two months off while I rode my other horses

and while the mares where around for breeding season!

June 29th, 2010 - Started riding him again.  No warm up, just climbed on and rode!

July 2010 - Put another 15 rides on him.

August 2010 - riding him now, working on arena skills and still riding him out in our hay fields and hills.

He prefers his left lead!  Having a tough time getting him to pick up his right lead on cue. 

I can twirl a rope on him, jump over logs, weave the poles, barrel race, NO PROBLEMS!

He is an amazing little horse.  No need to warm him up, just saddle him and go!

January 2011 - Trailed cows home from south pasture, 10 miles, on hwy and county road.

Feb 2011 - rounded up cattle in badland pasture, covered at least 6 miles on this trip, or more.

Feb 2011 - Trailed cattle home from badlands - 14 mile cattle drive.

Heads up team ropers, especially calf/tie-down ropers

& steer wrestlers!

He is the perfect performance prospect,

ready for more training.

^  8/9/10

^  8/9/10


^  8/9/10

^  Coming around the third barrel at a trot (somewhere in the cloud of dust)  8/9/10


^  8/13/2010   ^

I'm not a roper, but this is one calm, easy going colt that handles everything I ask him to do so well!


For more info and pics as a foal, yearling, 2 yr old, etc.

click on the link below :

2006 Colts

Scroll down this page to see more pics of him before he was broke to ride!

2007, 2008 & 2009


                                       ^  5/15/08 - as a stallion                                           


^   May 2009 pics   ^


^     All  4 Pics above taken  -  5/21/2009      ^

^   3/26/2007 - TCD his yearling photo


^       6/25/2008       ^

*  Top Cause Dream is currently with a trainer.  He will soon have

some roping training.  His price is at $4,000 for now,

but will go up after training is complete. 

Note posted: November 26th, 2014.

Watch for:

2011 AQHA Appendix Red Roan Gelding...


*  ^  11/5/2012

*  ^ 11/11/2013

^ 5/9/14 - First ride with trainer, Belinda Daughtery



^  Ready to ride  -  July 2014 - On our way home! ^


July 2014



AQHA Name:  Classy Doc Fox

Three yr old Red Roan Gelding

AQHA # X0698041

Foaled: May 27th, 2011

Sire:  Ten Sleep Foxy Bar - AQHA Apdx Bay

Dam:  King Poca Silver Bar - AQHA Red Roan

Current price as a green broke gelding - $2,500

Doc will be ridden during calving season - Feb 2015 to May 2015.

He is pictured on my 2011 Colts page as a foal/yearling!




2009 (grade) palomino (stallion for now)

Height:  14.1 hands

Broke to ride Summer 2013

Green broke!

Price:  $2,000

*  ^  5/2/13

*  9/23/13 - Do I have ta do circles again!

*  9/23/13

* ^  9/23/13 - Loping circles

*  9/23/13

Used him again in 2014 as a grade stallion,

so he has 2 seasons of breeding experience,

hand breeding only. 



2004 APHA Bay Overo Gelding


                                     ^    Summer 2006           As a two year old!              


^  Summer 2009  v

3/13/2009  ^


^ Photos Taken November 17th, 2007 ^

Classy Jack Frost

2004 APHA Bay Overo Gelding

APHA # 796,112

Price:  $4,000 Firm!  SOLD!

Foaled:  April 07,2004

Color:  Bay

Pattern Type:  Overo

Sex:  Gelding (as of July 9th, 2008)

Height:  15.1 hands as of Jan 4th, 2010

Weight:  approx. 1,150 lbs (2009)

Sire:  Ten Sleep Foxy Bar  -  Bay AQHA Apdx. Stallion

                                     16 Hands

Dam:  Jester Lito - APHA Sorrel Overo Mare

                       14.3 Hands

*Stallion Listing Fees paid.  DNA done.

Jack had 2 seasons of breeding experience before he was gelded,

so make no mistake...he will always remember being a stallion.

He is not proud cut.  My veterinarian cut him properly.

However, don't throw this fellow in with your mares and geldings

all in one coral.  You might end up having some trouble! 

Throw him in with an all gelding string and he'll be just fine. 

You can even throw him in with your stallion and

he shoud be just fine too

He is used to running with 3 older stallions and a big herd of geldings,

plus younger stallions too.

He should also be fine in a herd of mares only!

Breeding Info:  2 years of pasture breeding. 

Foals:  In 2007 his first foals hit the ground. 

*One bay tobiano gelding (out of a black tobiano mare)

*One bay roan gelding, with a big enough spot on his belly to be an overo.

(out of a red roan quarter horse mare).

2008 Foals - One red roan filly out of an AQHA red roan mare.

I decided to cut back on my stallions and didn't

have a need for a stallion that was

so closely related to my paint mares,

so he is now a gelding & broke to ride.

If he sells, great!  If he doesn't, your loss, my gain. 

He is a nice, dependable ride that I really enjoy! 

He is a true athlete & handles himself great in rough terrain.

He is my "get er' done" horse!

Not for a beginner yet, but with time he could be. 

Intermediate riders should do fine.

Experienced riders will love this agile fellow

while riding in the hills & moutains.


Classy Jack Frost spent his first 20 rides with a trainer in Riverton, WY in June 09.

He has had 25 more rides with me since coming home on the 24th of July.

I am very impressed with his first 20 days of training and he has been an absolute

charm for me to ride here at home.  I am offering him to sell only to make money.

There is nothing wrong with him.  Everyone wants a broke horse...here he is!

He is a classy gelding with plenty of athletic ability and eye appeal.

He travels out nicely and has a fast walk, easy lope and ground covering trot.

I will be riding in the mountains a little this fall, pushing cattle from pasture to

pasture and will continue to train him this winter until the right buyer comes along.

His price will not go down! 

I'll keep him myself before I'll take a kick in the pants/ low offer on him!

If you've ever covered the miles upon miles that it takes to get one broke to ride

you will understand my thinking on that subject!  ;-)

He had around 90+ rides from Jan. 2010 to August 2010. 

8/26/09 - just used him as a pack horse for his second time in

North Broken Back Canyon, hauling fencing equipment. 

He did great!

Late Summer/Fall 2009 - lost track of my exact ride count,

but it has been frequent enough all summer/fall to keep him nicely tuned up.

1/4/2010 - Rode him out in the badlands to round up our cattle and move

them from pasture to pasture.  He did great! 

We covered more miles than the rest of the riding crew today

in rough, deep draws, steep hills and very slick ground!

Spring 2010 - riding him for calving season!

June 2010 - rounded up and moved cows from pasture to pasture in the badlands.

Summer & Fall 2010 - many, many rides all summer and used him for fall roundup.

Winter 2010 - the rides continue!

December 2010 - very brave horse, he never backed down while we were

trying to get a mad, charging bull loaded. 

Even though we failed to get the bull loaded up, Jack sure made me proud!

He took several charges and stayed on his feet and still kept working for me.

April 2011 Ride update:  Too many to count now!  I lost track!

Lynette Mills


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More info, pics & pedigree about Classy Jack Frost

are available on the following colt page link:

2004 & 2005 Colts

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