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This page last updated May 1st 2013

Please Note: 

I am NOT a professional dog trainer,

nor do I have time to show my dogs in stock dog trials of any kind. 

They work for me moving our cattle from pasture to pasture.

They help me move them on trail drives and roundups.

They flush cattle out of the timber and creek bottoms.

They are just that...working stock dogs, bred to work cattle. 

Not fancy papered dogs, always locked in a kennel,

with medals and ribbons to prove their worth!



^    1/30/2010



Whelped: October 18, 2009


Docked Tail

Color:  light tan/white/brindle

Parents:  Roscoe - short haired red/white/brindle male - long tail - 55 lbs.

Tina - short haired black/white natural bob-tail - 35 lbs.

Injury around the 2nd week of July 2010 - got his lft front leg run over.

No broken bones as far as we can tell.

Wanting to work by the end of July.

Let him work in August around the feedlot.

August 10th, 2010 - Let him come up the slope with us trailing cow/calf pairs

and yearling heifers. He did great.  Wants to herd the cattle most of the time, but

requires some confidence help from his siblings & parents when a mother cow turns

back on him. 

He is still a little tender at times on his left front leg when he gets bumped into

by other dogs or when pushed into brush/rocks/etc.

Otherwise he walked out of it and seems fine for a 10 mile up hill trip.

Take him or leave him! 

It makes no difference to me if you don't want to pay my price.

Growing them up takes money on my end too.

He is a classy dog with working ability and

has a home with me for life if that's what happens.

Current Price:  $600  - SOLD!


^   June 3rd, 2010  ^


3/29/2010 - Razzy & older sister keeping an eye on calving season.



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