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Litter of 4 Puppies for sale!



Lynette's Stock Dogs and Puppies

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses


These puppies are of mixed breeding consisting of:

Heeler (both red & blue),

Border Collie,

Aussie (or Australian Shepherd)

& Black Lab.

Buyers Info:

Make no mistake, these dogs are best suited for working cattle.

If you have work & regular exercise for them they are fine as just pets,

but they are better suited to work cattle and have a job with daily exercise.

They don't have to be working all the time,

but need regular exercise and disipline in their work day.


These are the parents of this October 18th, 2009 Puppy Litter of 4.

Roscoe            &           Tina


Roscoe weights approximately 50-55 lbs - long tail, short hair.

Roscoe had a half Red Heeler/half Border Collie momma.

His sire is Sam, my half Lab/other half cow dog, pictured below!

Tina weights 35-38 lbs. - natural bob-tail, short hair.

Tina's mom was a very small (possibly a mini..) Aussie, black/white with tan points.

Her sire is also Sam, my half Lab/other half cow dog, picture below!


Health/Vaccination Record:

*I gave them their 1st Puppy Vaccination on December 9th, 2009.

*2nd vaccination was given January 7th, 2010.

*They also had one worming through their mother's milk early in November 09.


Name:  Razzy I

Gray/White Male with some tan color showing on his coat now!

He almost has a gray brindle look to his coat now! 1/21/10

Docked Tail, Short Haired

Price:  $400 - on the injured list right now - 7/5/10.




                                                                                       ^       Picture Taken 1/16/2010 

*His eyes are changing from blue to hazel or yellow colored!  1/21/2010





^  All of the above pics not labeled were taken between 1/16/2010 and 1/18/2010  ^


^    1/30/10                                                  ^     2/15/10

^            2/15/2010

Razzy is a big, bold pup with a curious attitude. 

He is more and more independant with each passing day

and ventures out on his own when we go on walks.

He knows his way around all of the livestock out in the coral,

colts, calves, pregnant & calving heifers and the big horses too.




Name: Zip

Black/White Male

Docked Tail, Short Haired

Touch of brindle on his right front & hind legs.

Price:  $170 - SOLD!!!




^   1/18/2010   ^


^    1/16/2010    ^

Zip is a bit shy around strangers, but very talkative around me.

He is not a barker, just makes 'noises' when being talked to.

He is cuddly and loves to be going & doing. 

He's not hyper, but is ready to check everything out!

He obediently follows behind my heels when we go on a walk.

These types of dogs have often been my most favorite working dogs.

Always quicker to listen to my commands, although you have to be careful

about the discipline you give to them,....their trust is easily lost with

too much.



Name:  Collie

Black/White Male

Docked Tail,

Medium Haired

Biggest pup of the litter!

Price: SOLD!



^              1/18/2010                   ^


^        1/16/2010    ^

Collie is a bold, brave, no non-sense pup.  He loves following the big

dogs and learning from them.  He does have a fuzzy coat,

however, it won't be really thick and shaggy, just medium long.

Just long enough to keep him warm and cozy in the winter.

See Pete, one of his older brothers on the  SOLD DOGS & PUPPIES

page for an example of how long Collie's coat will be.




Thanks Tyler & Melissa!

Name: Roxie

White/Red Speckled Female with red patches on rump.

*She has lots of spots & speckles all over her body.

Black Paw Pads!

Docked Tail, Short Haired

Price:  $200 - SOLD!

Smallest pup of the litter! 

Not a runt, but just going to be built like her little momma!

She'll maybe weight 35 to 40 lbs. at maturity.

She is a 'spit fire' personality, but is also a snuggly little girl.

She has to be tough with all those big brothers trying to boss her around!



^  11.27.09  ^

This pic. taken 11/27/2009






Here are some pictures of Sam, the grandsire on both sides of my stock dog puppies pedigree. 

He is a great cow dog as well as a friendly, fun character to have around.

He is getting old now and has some injures,

but he still loves to work cattle and is always there when I need him.


                                                                           ^    Hammy Sammy!


^  Upper Look Out Butte - BBR

Can you see Sam driving these cattle??  He blends right in with Black Angus Cattle!

Sam licking his bumb calf! 

All of my dogs helped me take care of this little fellow

until we found a mother for him.



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