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Page last updated 1/16/2013

Bonnie whelped 11 puppies on November 6th, 2012


Bonnie                                                      Tucker

Mixed breeding:  Heeler, Border Collie           Pure Bred Border Collie

Aussie & Black Lab                                                         


Puppy UpdatesJan 16th, 2013   -   1 Male for sale. 

Male left for sale is Blondie!

**See individual puppy pics below these few group pics & info!


^  Puppy Training!  1/8/13


Prices will increase as I feed and vaccinate them.

It's best to not leave them here for much over 8 weeks. 

Your best time to bond with your new pup is from 5-6 weeks of age!

^  11/29/12 - First taste of milk in a bowl!

*1st puppy shots are due at 6 weeks of age. (Solo-jec Plus 5)


***1st Shot was given on December 21st, 2012 to:

Sadie, Blondie, Ebony, Tucker, Tiny, Tim, Big Red, Emilee, Pebbles, Boagie


*2nd (booster) shot is due at 9-11 weeks of age. Solo-jec Plus 5

***Given 1/8/2013 to:

Boagie, Blondie and Tim

*3rd puppy shot is due at 12-14 weeks of age.  Solo-jec Plus 7

*4th booster to the 3rd is given at 15-17 weeks of age.  Solo-jec Plus 7

*Annual booster of Solo-jec plus 7

*But...Ask your local vetrinarian or pet store owner!

*Each puppy shot will cost $10 per pup.

Add $10 on top of the price you see posted if you buy at 6, 8, 12 & 15 weeks of age!

Prices on all puppies will increase each week as I feed them.

Price increments will be determined according to how many puppies are still here

and how much puppy chow they are consuming.

^  12/4/12  -  Eleven Puppies - The whole Crew!

^  12/13/12 - winding down for naps!


One male pup for sale!


^  12/2/12

^  12/13/12


^    12/18/12     ^

^  12/18/12

^  1/8/13

^  1/8/13

^  1/8/13


Name:  Blondie

Male - Short Hair - docked tail - was a fairly short tail to begin with, so he

might have a better chance of producing a natural bob tail.

Price:  $180 @ 9-10 weeks with 1st & 2nd puppy shots in him!


Tim - male, docked tail - short hair & Tiny - male, docked tail, longer hair v



v   Tim - SOLD!                                                        v   Tiny - SOLD                                        


^  Tim                          ^ Tiny


^     12/18/12                                             Name: TINY - on the right - Sold!!

v     Just pics of Tim below   


^  1/8/13

^  1/8/13


Name: TIM

  Two black/white males - both have docked tails.

*Tiny had a shorter, half tail, so he might carry more of the natural bob tail gene.

Tim had a long tail and has shorter hair like his momma.

These two boys were the runt of the litter, but are growing up fast!

Tim's Price:  SOLD!  $120 with 1st & 2nd puppy shots in him!

Folks keep asking me why the low price on these two black pups.  Only reason

is that I already have 7 adult working dogs and do not need to keep any of

these puppies out of this litter.  Everyone else is so colorful that I did not want

these boys to be left  here, not sold, because their price was too high!

There is nothing wrong with either one of them.  They were the runt of the litter,

but are both growing up nicely.  Lots of spunk, especially in Tiny!  He's a bit of a

fiesty little fella, trying to boss all of his bigger bro's and sisters!



Boagie Jr.



^  12/2/12

^  12/2/12  v



     12/13/12    ^  What a beauty!

^  12/18/12

^  1/8/13

^ 1/8/13

^  1/8/13

^  1/8/13 - "Who couldn't use a little TLC from Grandma!

^  1/8/13 - "Really...I rarely sit still"!

Name:  Boagie Jr.


Brown/white or sable colored to begin with,

but has turned the same color as him momma!

Docked Tail

*Will also have a tendancy to throw a natural bob tail. 

Tail was just a bit too long, so we docked it shorter.

Price SOLD!  $180 @ 9-10 weeks with 1st & 2nd Puppy Shots in him!

Bold, brassy pup!  He was the first one to toddle out of the hut a few days ago!

This pup also has what I call a tough hide! 

He just feels thicker skinned than the rest of the pups.

To me that means he will be one tough cow dog! 

He reminds me so much of his ancestor,

the old original Boagie!


  Big Red

^  12/2/12

^  12/18/12

^ 12/18/12

^  12/18/12

Name:  Big Red

Male - long tail for now. 

Short sleek hair!!

Price:   $160 at 6 wks with 1st puppy shot in him! - SOLD!




^  12/2/12  v

Name:  Penny


  Brown/White/Black points/speckled - docked tail

Price:  $100 @ 5 weeks


Thanks Sammi!


Ebony - female - SOLD!



                                                     ^  12/2/12


^         12/13/12      ^



Name:  Ebony


Docked tail -  Is starting to show a few black spots here and there on her white,

but I am not 100% sure if there will be more

...she might just be mostly a black and white dog!

Second smartest female dog...she too has figured out how to climb out of the kennel!

Price:  $100 at 5 weeks



^  12/2/12      ("I think I did somefing wong"!)

^  12/18/12

^  12/18/12

^  12/18/12

Probably the smartest female pup! 

She has already figured out how to get out of the kennel!


Name:  Pebbles Jr.


Docked tail

Is definitely turning 'merle' all over her body or white parts. 

Price:  $160 @ 6 weeks with 1st Puppy Shot in her!


Name:  SADIE

White/Red Female

Docked tail - did have a shorter tail, but we docked

it a bit more to make it look like a proper bob tail.  She should have more

of the gene to produce natural bob tails crossed on a natural bob tailed male.

Price:  $110 at 6 weeks with 1st Puppy Shots in her!


^  12/2/12

^  12/13/12   "I know I'm so stinkin cute!"

^  12/18/12

^  12/18/12

^  12/18/12

Tucker - SOLD!


v  ^  12/2/12  v

^   12/13/12

^  12/18/12

^  12/18/12


Name:  Tucker Jr.


Long tail

Longer coat

Price:  $160 @ 6 weeks with 1st puppy shots in him!


Emilee - SOLD!


^  12/2/12 v

^  12/13/12         If I keep my eyes closed I won't fall off!!



^ Dark Red/White - Female - long tail

Price:  SOLD!!

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