This page will currently just show a few past stallions that I have owned and used

for breeding here on the ranch, but eventually, I will add some of my father's past

stallions to the page, along with a few photos of the old stallions.

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2006 AQHA Red Roan - was a stallion,

but now a gelding as of spring 2012.

More Pics of Top Cause Dream on the

2006 Colts page

**Top Cause sired 3 foals before he was castrated.

*Top Cause Lena - 2013 AQHA Appendix Bay Filly

*Flaming Dell - 2012 AQHA Appendix Sorrel Filly

*Lucky Frost Fox - 2012 AQHA Appendix Red Roan Filly


      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
Top Cause Dream      
      Rebel Cause
    Cause Im Quick  
  Kings Quick KC   Adas Vanny Jay
      Kansas Cat 2
    Susie Kans Cat  
      Bay Su Jo




Reference Sire

Sold him Sept. 2011 at Billings Livestock Commission Co.

with his papers in their (BLS) possession.

Ten Sleep Foxy Bar

1993 Bay Stallion
AQHA Appendix # X0507500

16 Hands
1,300 lbs
- winter weight

1,200 lbs. - summer weight

^  9/7/2010

^  5/2004


  ^  9/2008                                                              *

^  5/2009

^  3/2004

^  3/2010

^ 6/2002


Ten Sleep Foxy Bar

Foxy Pleasure

Passions Pleasure TB

What A Pleasure TB

Lil's Day TB

The Frosty Fox

Beaver Comet

Already Frosty

Broken Dell Bars

Rushin Comet

Beaver Comet

Rushin' Thistle

Miss Classy Dell

Classy Bar

Anita Dell

Foxy's Pedigree Tidbits!

What A Pleasure's sire is BOLD RULER!

Beaver Comet is a grandson of Lightening Bar.

Rushin' Thistle is a daughter of Already Barred by Mid Bar!

Classy Bar is of course a son of Sugar Bars and out of Mokey.

Anita Dell is a daughter of Poco Dell by Poco Bueno!

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