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This gorgeous gray/white female pup now lives in Idaho! 

She is out of Tina and her sire is Roscoe.

She was whelped in May 2009.  Notice the cool yellow eyes!  It is a common trait

in almost 98% of all my dogs and puppies that have come out of this line.

Her ears can't seem to make up their minds as to what position they will take just yet. 

This is normal for some of my pups.  As they age they usually set firm later.

Tina & Roscoe are still my main producing pair.  They usually only produce 1 of these

unique gray colored pups per litter.  Got lucky once and had two, but it is rare.


Patch - 2006 Red/White/Brindle Male out of Tina and sired by Roscoe.

Very rare brindle pattern that Roscoe throws in some of his litters.

This particular litter happened to have 3 brindle pups!

Haven't had that many brindle's since!




Pandie - 2006 black/white female pup out of Tina and sired by Roscoe.

Sold to folks in Nevada.





Missy - a May 2006 Gray Female out of Tina & sired by Roscoe.





Neutered Male

Whelped on Nov. 6th, 2005

^ December 2006 ^

^ Summer 2006 ^

^ Winter 2005 ^

Name:  "Pete"

Whelped on November 6th, 2005, white/black male puppy out of Tina and Roscoe's litter of 5. 

First puppy shots in him on 12/22/05. Booster done 3-5 weeks after. First Rabbies spring 2006. 

Second Rabbies January 2007.   More and more black spots showing up as he gets older!

Fuzzy coat now, but he shouldn't be a long coated dog at maturity. Fun loving, playful personality. 

He's a one person dog though.  Doesn't like strangers. 

He's turning into a good working cow dog and has been on 10 cattle drives already.

He's been on several horse rides and follows my horse well.

Not a kid's pet or town/city pet prospect, too aggressive & intent on working!! 

Definitely needs cows to work.

Plenty of speed and run ability.

Buyer must be ready to do some work bonding with this pup. 

The kids thought he was so cute that they chased him while I was gone and

scared him when he was just getting his running legs under him!

He did just that, learned to run away and hide from kids.  

He is a one person type of dog! 

Still hasn't let many strangers touch him and is barely letting

the kids touch him, so bonding will not be easy,

but if you need a fiesty, energetic pup to throw in with your older cow dog

he just might be the one!

Money Back Guaranteed, when you return the dog (healthy and sound)

back to me, if you can't get him to work for you.  He worked fine for me!

In fact, I regret selling him. 

He was the best calf turn back dog I've had in

a long, long time!

Neutered on March 20th, 2006.

Price:  SOLD!

Pete was a complete natural for bringing turn back calves back into the herd.

Last I heard he was living down in Nevada somewhere!

I do regret selling this pup!


Smokey - A March 2004 Male pup out of Tina & sired by Roscoe




Male Cow Dog




^ 1/27/08


                 5.19.08                                            Sum. 2008


^  Photos taken 11/18/08  ^


He is no longer for sale!  Has a permenant job here at the ranch!


^ Male (black/blue) - Docked Tail

Not Nuetered yet as of winter 2009/2010

Whelped:  December 4th, 2007

Parents:  Tina x Roscoe

He is already a 55 lb dog! (11/20/08)

Showing his speckled Heeler like markings!

Big pup with a want to please his master attitude & quick to learn from the older dogs. 

Blue is working for the ranch now, but if you are interested in buying him give me a call.

His price just jumped up Dec 2008. 

He really wants to work cattle and has a good foundation behind him now. 

It wouldn't take much more training to make him a great helper for any cowhand.

He is very cautious and slow to trust strangers, so bonding might be a challenge for folks without much extra time to spare at first.  He has been on several roundups and trail drives.  Plenty of natural ability and desire to work cattle. 

If you need an energetic pup to back up your

older cow dogs for driving cattle only, then he might be the pup for you.

First Rabbies Shot - Summer 2008

Puppy Shots done as a 7 week old and booster given 4-6 weeks later.




Born December 28th, 2002, black/tan male working stock dog for sale.
We are selling him to cut back on our adult dog numbers. Nothing wrong with his ability to work cattle. I will supply a list of the commands that I use when he works cattle and if we have any cattle around, I will show you his working ability. It would be best if he has an older dog to work with. He is used to working with 3 other dogs. He moves horses around very willingly and loves to swing on a cows tail when the opportunity allows it!  He is a delight to work cattle in the coral and slips in behind them to heal them up the lane. He has been on many long cattle round-ups and long trail drives, plus working in the fields and corrals numerous times. He has never become lost or separated from my horse and me.  He's a very loyal dog.   He has plenty of run ability and keeps up when I am training my colts.   Loads in the back of a pickup willingly and doesn't mind leading on a leash. Very friendly to all people and loves kids. He has been on a tie cord, but only on a few occasions when we didn't want him to work.
He has had all his puppy shots, been wormed several times and had his regular rabbies shots.
I will loan him out on a trial basis, but require the full $300 OBO in cash to be paid when he leaves my possession.

I do give you a receipt and if Blacky won't work for you or you don't like him, bring him back to me healthy (in mind & body) and completely sound and I'll give you the $300 back.

Old poster & old prices below on the poster at the left!

Picture taken Feb 2006 on the right.

Working Cow Dog For Sale, Ten Sleep Wyoming            

Kid Friendly Blacky



Boagie/Ginger Pups below.


A Boagie/Ginger Female Dog

that is a working cattle dog.


Another classic Boagie/Ginger female



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