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The Puppies Are Here!

Whelped on May 2nd, 2009

New Tina & Roscoe Puppy Litter


The May 2009 PUPPIES!



^    5/14/09    ^


What did I do wrong?         ^                5/28/09    ^

1 black/white male - long tail, but docked off now.

Price:  $75 at 5 weeks - SOLD!


Here's my rare and unique colored puppy!  ;-)



^            5/14/09         ^


^        May 28th, 2009      ^


YahOOOOOO - 1 flashy gray/white female - long tail.

**Gonna let her keep her long gray, white tipped, tail, unless you (the buyer) want it docked off!

Let me know A.S.A.P.

*No guarantee that she will stay this gorgeous mouse gray color. 

She could turn beige or light tan like my female dog and full sister, Bonnie, pictured on the home puppy page

Price:  $300 at 5 weeks - without 1st puppy shot - add $10ish extra with 1st shot



That's it for the 2009 litter!



You can reserve a puppy if you would like to.

Prices range from $50 (without shots) to $75 for most puppies, depending on litter size.

The rare, unique colored and/or naturally bob-tailed pups are generally more. 

Around $100 and up to $300 or more!

Tina was bred on March 1st, 2009, so add 63 days to that for gestation and their

birthdate should be around the the 2nd of May.

They need 5-6 weeks on their mother's milk and would be ready

for new homes by the first or second weekend in June.


^ Roscoe - sire to new litter                         ^ Tina - the mother



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