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Wyoming Horses 4 Sale

Why not buy a horse close to home!!

Page last updated August 2010

Wyoming folks,

I'm offering a spot on my website so you can advertise your horses for sale!

I am first offering this page to all of my past horse buying customers.

Then it will be open to the rest of the Wyoming public with a limited number

of ads allowed.  Don't have time to list all of you!

Prices are as follows:

3 Months - $5

6 Months - $10

9 Months - $15

1 Year - $20

Send your pictures to

Send all pictures and info in one email, including any statistics about your horse, their pedigree info, your contact info and any other important details. 

I will organize and design the ad to the best of my ability. 

Once I get the ad up, check it out and if you would like me to make changes just let me know.

Disclaimer Note:  Buyers,

I, Lynette Mills, unless otherwise stated in the ad, in no way endorse

the horses being listed on this web page. 

Buy at your own risk! 

I'm just offering an advertising spot for them on my site!

Best wishes to you as you search for your perfect horse!   :-)


Your Ad Could Be Here!



For Sale!



For Sale:  SURE CAN DO - 10 year old APHA Gelding

Barrels & Poles

Currently being hauled to High School rodeos!

Easy to ride!

Price:  $9,000

Contact Shawna Bennett at 307-360-6556






Contact Info:

Lynette Mills

P. O. Box 52

154 B Rd 78

Ten Sleep, WY 82442


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