For your convience, I have the following info listed so that

you are more prepared and so that you know the rules

and regulations of buying a horse in the state of Wyoming!

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Important Future Horse/Colt Buyer Info:


Please don't bring your horse trailer down the first time

hoping I'll send a colt home with you that day with a

hand written bill of sale!  

I sell the legal way, through a Wyoming Brand Inspector!!

If you are 100% sure that you want to take a certain colt home,

through web pictures or my poster pictures then we need to make prior

arrangements before you arrive to schedule an appointment with

the local brand inspector so that he can be here, at the ranch,

when you are here buying the colt! 

Brand Inspections need to be done any time a horse changes ownership.

This rule applies to in-state sales, out of state as well as in the same county!

NO...Abosolutely NO hand written Bill Of Sales

will be given out with my signature on them.

If you need help in tracking down a lost brand inspection

then I'd be glad to lend a hand.  I have fairly good records and

can contact the brand inspector & he or the state brand office folks

can look up the transaction and get a new copy to you!

For more infomation on our state brand laws contact:

Wyoming Livestock Board


or call

(307) 777-7515


Out of State Buyers Info:

You will need the following documents in hand as you drive

across state borders after you purchase a Wyoming raised horse:


Health Certificate

& Brand Inspection

Before a horse can be hauled legally to another state from Wyoming

it must first have a Coggins test drawn up (a blood test)

and a Health Certificate from my local Veterinarian!

This whole process requires pre-planning on

my part and complete cooperation on your part! 

You will need to give me your full name

(for the AQHA Transfer & the Health Certificate)

and the horse's final destination address,

along with your local County name.

That is 'County'...not Country!  

Otherwise I can not get the Health Certificate and Brand Inspection,

let alone the transfer of a registered AQHA horse completed properly!

Note:  A Coggins takes at least 1 week to receive the papers back in the mail

from the vet after he has drawn up the blood work and sent it in to the lab.

*If we request to have the test results faxed to my vet from the state vet

lab it can be in the vets hands via a fax, sometimes, within 2-3 days after

the blood sample arrives at the state vet lab...I repeat sometimes!

We do now have a vet in Ten Sleep making all this paper work

much easier, but it still takes pre-planning and time.  

*Planning ahead is very important!

*Make it easy on me, the seller, and learn what needs

to be done before you buy a horse! 

*Hopefully this info will help you with all of your future horse buying!

***Please don't insult me by asking if these

processes can be skipped!

***I sell the legal way only!!!

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

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