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Cow bred horses that are raised in the rugged

mountains and steep, red dirt hills of Wyoming,

creating a colt with a great start for any

ranch or rodeo discipline.  It just takes time

and the right person with the knowledge to train

and push them to their full potential!

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***This page last updated March 9th, 2023***

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The Stallions

                                 Looking for a good stock dog puppy? 

                               Check out my new puppy/dog website

                             at  www.lynettesstockdogs.com

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                                      Lynettes Stock Dogs

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Lynette's Stock Dog Puppies

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(The word "Whelped" means the day the puppies were born!)

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My Favorite Outside Stallions 

(Two stallions pictured)


  Dawn Allred's horses:

Ten Sleep Traingle Paints & a few Quarter Horses!

One of my broodmares is descended from Stan & Dawn's fine horses!


Please Notice & View...

Lynette's Stolen Horses  page


$ Reward Offered for information involving

my two stolen mares in fall of 1999!

1999 AQHA Blue Roan Mare!

(branded with our brand "N open 6", stolen fall 1999 as a foal)


1982 Bay/Brown AQHA Mare

(branded with our "N open 6" and stolen fall of 1999)




The Stallions


Introducing my new current breeding stallion...


2012 AQHA Black Stallion

*N/N on all of the 5 Panel Disease Test!

*Genetic Tested and **Parentage Verified!

^  5/22/14

^  6/3/14 

^  5/21/16

^  5/21/16

^  5/27/16

^  5/21/16

*  10/22/19

*  11/3/19

*  8/14/18

*  8/14/18

*  11/3/19

*  10/22/19

2023 customers, Mr Sun O Oak will only be available to outside

breedings after the 3rd or 4th weekend in June to your outside

mares, no exceptions, no earlier breedings.

  This means he is available all summer.  

Your mares must have a Health Certificate, a negative Coggins

and clean vaginal swab/test (by a certified veterinarian)

completed and results recieved before coming to our ranch.

Breeding Fees vary from year to year: 

2023 - $400 for Mr Sun O Oak

For Mares on my Hay:

*Prices depend on hay prices per year,

but will be around $8 a day minimum.

Dry Mare - $? per day. 

Wet Mare (with foal)- $? per day.


        Doc Bar
      Doc O'Lena  
      (bay) Poco Lena
    Mr Sun O Lena    
    (red roan)   Peppy San
      Sunflower Sana  
  Sun Dee Lena   (red dun) Bill's Star Lita
  (Gray Stallion)      
        How D Roman
      Romans Aces Full  
        Ace Bars Dolly
    Kwik On Her Feet    
    (gray mare)   Gray Dee Bar
      Nanny Dee Bar  
        Call Nan
Mr Sun O Oak        
        Doc Bar
      Docs Oak  
        Susie's Bay
    Sugs Red Oak    
    (bay stallion)   Sugar Bar Flit
      Black Chick Sugar  
        Black Chick Cella
  RMD Docs Dandy Oak      
  (Bay Mare -15+ hands)     Roan Bar
      Roan Bar 2  
        Star's Twin Bar
    Dandys Roan Star    
    (red roan)   My Dandy Bob
      Uppety Star  
        Uppety Sue




2014 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion

Height:  14.2 hands

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 1991 AQHA Gray

Dam:  Miss Twister Shout - Bay Roan Mare

Expecting his 5th crop of colts in 2022!

Your mares must have a Health Certificate, a negative Coggins

and clean vaginal swab/test (by a certified veterinarian)

completed before coming to our ranch.

2022 Breeding Fee:  $300 + feed...

$? a day dry mare

$? a day for a wet mare with foal








*  10/22/19

*  5/7/19

*  5/7/19

*  5/14/22

*  5/14/22




2016 AQHA Gray Stallion

AQHA # 5757707

Foaled May 05, 2016

14.3 hands, 1,100 lbs.

Foals: He has one solid gray APHA filly in the 2022 crop.

There will hopefully be two in the 2023 crop.



Quick Silver KC is a full brother to my red roan

past stallion, Top Cause Dream

and he has other brothers

that are or were breeding stallions across the

country and in far away places.

He is a friendly stallion to handle, but has a long way

to go to learn how to be gentle and nice with the mares.

He is a corral kept stallion only and can not be turned out with

the geldings during the summer/fall/winter like I do with

my other stallions.

* 5/17/2019

* 6/15/2021

* 5/18/22

* 5/18/22

* 12.7.2022


Don't Forget To Look At My

Stolen Horses

Page! Thank You!

1999 Blue Roan Mare

I know she's still out there!

The thieves darn sure are!!!


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***Cell # 307-272-5509

(texts are fine, but calling is best)

Lynette Mills

P O Box 52  

154 B Road 78

Ten Sleep, Wyoming


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Lynette Mills

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