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Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses


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Two Stolen Horses

Two Stolen AQHA Mares

Stolen Summer/Fall 1999

From Broken Back Ranch

Ten Sleep, WY


1982 AQHA Bay Mare

(coat can look like she is a Brown in the winter)

*Star, slight Strip, Snip, all disconnected.

*Left Hind Sock

*Branded on Left Thigh

This mare trots and runs with a slight limp. 

Old injury to her front hoof, lots of horny growth visible on the

outside of her heel. 

High withered mare and black leg coloring high up all four legs. 

Very friendly mare and easy to catch. 

She should have also foaled again in spring 2000,

sometime in April or May. 

Most likely producing a bay, brown or sorrel foal.

These 3 pictures were taken just after I first bougth her home

from her original owner's place.

She gained weight steadily after I owned her and looked really

good for an older mare with old injuries.  She adapted well to her range

pastures & wintering out, keeping more weight on her than you see

here in these pictures.

April 1999

AQHA 1999 Blue Roan Filly

*Might look black, bay or brown

during seasonal changes!

**Very slim chance that she would have

turned gray...

but the theives and their buddies have been

trying to buy gray and roan fillies from me

for 7 years now since 1999,

all bearing the same brand as this

stolen filly does!

* Small Star,

* White Right Hind Coronet,

* 4 Black Hooves

* Branded on Left Thigh.

* Super friendly disposition, imprint trained.

* Should be a very athletic mare.

* Foundation cow horse & running bloodlines.

Filly was branded the end of June 1999 with a hot iron,

our "N open 6" brand. 

The picture above was taken within minutes after she was branded. 

This is why the brand looks black in the picture. 

As a mature mare her brand

might show up very easily with black hairs

like the red roan's brand you see on

the sides of this website or possibly just as a

typical hot iron brand with some

black hairs outlining the scar/brand.

She had a coal black head at birth and at branding time,

along with the white star on her forehead. 

No other white hairs were visible on her head at branding time. 

This usually indicates that a foal will be a roan. 

Her whole body was splashed with white haris,

except for her coal black face/head.  

However she may have turned gray,

but it was not a strong possibility,

considering the coal black hairs

(shown in the picture above)

underneath her brown baby fuzz hair.

Late April or Early May 1999 - before she was branded

Late April or Early May 1999 - before she was branded

Notice the right hind white coronet band!

April 1999 - Two days old

Both mares will have an "N Open 6" hot iron

brand on their left thigh as pictured above and

also the one you see pictured on both sides of

my web site pages.  The pictures you see

of the brand are taken from a picture of a red

roan colt. This means that the blue roan filly's

brand will be easily seen with black

(possibly red or bay during seasonal changes)

hairs & should therefore be highly visible on

her blue roan coat at certain times of the year.


* Reward *

($ - well worth your information!!)

For any info leading to the recovery

of my mares

and/or arrest & conviction

of all horse thieves

involved in the theft of my mares!!

** Reward is subject to one or both mares being safely

& soundly returned to me due to your tips and help to

law enforcement authorities!

Remember, when you help a thief in any way,

you become one too!

Please make the right decision &

return them safely home to me. 

You will be rewarded for your choice!


New printable poster to come soon!

  Also to come will be projected pictures of

what the blue roan filly should look like

as a mature mare!

See pictures of half brothers and

sisters below for color comparisons.


This is one of my old posters below that I

distributed after fall 1999 in search of my mares. 

The red dun mare was running with the old

bay/brown mare and her foal on our mountain

pastures summer 1999.  Apparently she

did not let them catch her, even though he

(one of the horse theives)

expressed interest in my horses earlier summer 99.

As a result of the theives attempts they ended

up causing the death of this red dun mare

pictured below.  They probably watched her stand

in that lower dry slope pasture with no water for

several days before she died!  What a waste of a

beautiful brood mare all for a few dollars in

your pockets!

Were your choices to steal someone else's

hard earned livelihood that day really worth it?

Is it fun watching your back every day

for the rest of your life?

You could fix it all by returning my mares back

home to me!


This gelding pictured below is a blue roan half

brother (through the same sire) to the

stolen 1999 blue roan filly that you see above.

He is typically dark blue roan during the summer

and during the spring, fall and winter months he

often looks more white in his over all appearance.

The stolen filly's coat will also go through these

same coat color changes from season to season.


Below is a typical dark gray filly with an "N open 6" brand. 

If we had a close up of this filly's head you would see white hairs

scattered all over her dark head.

She is now a dappled gray mare, turning white as she ages.

She is also a half sister to the stolen 1999 blue roan filly.


LINKS with Stolen/Missing Horse Info:


The site below has the best setup and horse posse that I've ever seen

in the USA for rounding up help to search for your stolen or missing horse(s)!

Most important is that the owner has 'been there done that', so she understands!

My thanks to all the Net Posse members for their help and support through the years!

Lynette Mills



Stolen Horse International, Inc.

Email:  stolenhorse@netposse.com

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

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Lynettte Mills
P.O Box 52
Ten Sleep, WY



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