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Some of them are outdated & won't give you the new puppy litters

or new colt crops.   See the new links below!**

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- New Puppy Litter -

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July 17th, 2015 Puppy Litter

4 Females, 5 Males




*Bonnie was bred to a short haired, black/white

Border Collie/Kelpie mixed male

(named Colt & pictured below)


Sept. 22 - 25th, 2013.

Her puppies arrived

November 21st, 2013

Bonnie & Colt Nov. 21st, 2013 Litter








Male Border Collie (3/4th) & Keplie (1/4th)

mix and is the sire to Bonnie's pups.

         Colt is owned by Emilee Boyd.                  



^  9/25/13



Click here to see the new puppy litter!

Bonnie & Colt Nov. 21st, 2013 Litter

All Sold - Bonnie's second litter


Puppies - November 6th, 2012 Litter

(Bonnie x Tucker puppy litter pictures!)

ALL SOLD - Bonnie's first litter



Roscoe & Tina

These are Bonnie's parents!


Rosoce                                Tina



Some past litters are shown below,

belonging to Tina & Roscoe.



All Sold!

Tina/Roscoe April 2011 Litter

All Sold!

October 18th, 2009 Litter of 4 

All Sold!

May 2009 Litter

All Sold!

November 19th, 2008 Litter


Litters From The Past/All Sold

Here you'll find all older litters here,

some Tina x Roscoe, some Tina x Jasper

and a few Ginger x Boagie litters!


Help Notes:

Ranching is challenging and sometimes a very dangerous lifestyle for both the

people that live it and the dogs that work the rancher's livestock. 

Tail docking is in part done for the safety of the dog and especially for the

cleanliness of their coat/hair. 

The docked tail also easily distinguishes a coyote or wolf colored dog from being

mistaken as a predator. 

It also keeps the working dog's tail free of burs, thistles & stickers that naturally

grow here.

When a tail is docked on a young pup, as they grow to maturity and full physical strength

and enter the work crew, they do not have balance issues because of their docked tails! 

Through the years As I have watched dock & natural bob tailed dogs work I have never

noticed a difference between the ones with long tails verses the docked tails where balance is concerned.  

They all have excellent balance according to their own abilities! 

Thinking otherwise is ignorance & the voice of inexperience on your part!


The dogs & pups you see below are working cow dogs,

bred to work livestock for hard working people!


Please, serious buyers only!

I have checked into airplane rides & details for getting puppies

hauled across the USA!  Never sent a puppy on a plane ride,

so I am very leary about doing it.

Our closest airport is located in Worland, Wyoming.

Lynette Mills

Home - 307-366-2386

Cell phone - 307-272-5509


Email me!

Serious buyers can reserve a pup by paying money down. 

I am not a scammer! 

You will get your pup as long as he/she is healthy and well at weaning time.

If the pup dies or is injured before you come to pick it up from me,

then you will get your money back!

I am a serious dog breeder with a good reputation. 

If you don't want to pay money down then I will not reserve a pup for you. 

Take what you get or reserve the pick of the litter first!

YOU decide!


Prices are generally as follows, but are not a set

guarantee as puppy chow and

vaccination prices rise each year:

*$150 and up at 5 weeks!

*Over $300 & up for rare colored GRAY pups

and other uniquely marked pups! 

Vaccinations:If your puppy is staying long enough to get vaccinations, I will give you the tabs/stickers off of the vaccine bottles from both 1st and/or 2nd vaccinations, along with any other details you'll need for vet health records when you buy one of my puppies!


**I do not like to keep them past 8 weeks old. 

They tend to bond too quickly,

so plan to come and pick them up at 6-8 weeks please!**


Yes...these are line-bred dogs!

Bred to work cattle!  I am preserving certain very desireable traits in my dogs, such as:

Short sleek coats of hair, possible natural bob tails, loyalty, protective natures, and a natural desire to work cattle, along with agility and stamina!

But most important, is a dog that will listen and do the work!



Missing/Stolen Puppy!

*As of Sunday, Feb 11th, 2007 in the morning hours,

Susie dissapeared from our barnyard! 

If anyone knows where she is or who has taken her

I would appreciate hearing from you. 



These last photos of Susie were taken Feb 10th, 2007.

If you know where she is or who has her, please contact me!



More Dog Pics & Other Details Below!

Sam & his daughter Tina

Note the natural bob tails! 

Tina has a increased chance of producing them with a mother & father that have natural bob tails. 


My dogs are best suited to be working cow dogs, but if you think you can keep them busy in your fenced in back yard then I'll sell them to you as long as you give me the option to buy them back for the price I sold them to you, instead of taking them to the pound or animal shelters. That way I can place them in a good ranching/farming home so that they can do what they are bred to do!!  WORK!!  



(Old past breeding female)


^  2004                                                           ^   2004  


                        ^    7/10/04                                                      ^   2007                                   


^         2008 Pics        ^


Tina is a daughter of Sam, the half Lab, Heeler, Border Collie, Aussie mixed male

pictured down the page below Roscoe's pictures.

Tina is a carbon copy of her mother, who was a full blooded, runt of the litter

(possibly a mini Aussie), black/white & tan full blooded Aussie,

but with longer hair and a determined to please and work, busy body attitude!

Tina's disposition is a lot more mellow than her mother's,

however she is cautious about strangers and very protective of her home ground.

She loves children & people in general, but needs time to accept and trust them.

She is very ferocious little dog and quick behind ornery cows,

has plenty of speed and can jump easily into the truck on her own.

She only weights 35 lbs. and is light boned, built for speed & stamina.



She has produced 11 litters to date below:

*one gray/white colored pup (litter of 2) in spring 2004, pictured above.

*a litter of 3 pups in fall 2004, 2 pictured above.

* a 2005 litter of 5 Pups, all pictured above.

* a 2006 litter of 3 whelped on May 13, 2006 with all 3 puppies pictured above.

*a 2006 litter of 3, whelped on November 26th, 2006, all 3 pictured above.

*a 2007 litter of 6 males, whelped on May 18th, 2007.  All pictured at the top of the page.

*a 2007 Litter of 7 puppies, 4 females and 3 males, whelped on December 4th, 2007.

*a 2008 Litter of 7 puppies, whelped on November 19th, 2008.

*a 2009 Litter of 2 puppies, whelped on May 2nd, 2009.

*a 2009 Litter of 4 puppies, whelped on October 18th, 2009.

*a 2011 Litter of 4 puppies, whelped on April 17th, 2011.


(not for sale)

Roscoe was whelped in Feb. of 2002.

He is a mixed breed of Red Heeler, Black/White Border Collie on his mother's bloodline.

His mother Ginger is pictured below (Red Heeler type color)

Sam, pictured below, is his sire.

Sam is half Lab and the other half is mixed with Heeler, Border Collie and Aussie in his bloodline.

Plenty of working cow dog.
Roscoe is a good heeler, always ready to get a hold of a cow's heel.

He really likes coral work and trailing cows. Tough dog! He weights 55 lbs.

Althletic enough to jump in the truck, but not built to run all day.

He can work all day, just not built to run all day.

He will be the sire to a few more litters in the future and has produced several litters with Tina. 

He also sired her first litter of 2, producing Smokey, the half gray/white male pup,

pictured at the top of the sold puppies section.


(not for sale)

Sam -  Working Cow Dog,  Black Lab, Red and Blue Heeler, Black/White Border Collie and and Aussie,  Ten Sleep Wyoming

Sam is a good cow dog and loyal companion. He is smart & tough enough to move a cow herd, horses or whatever I ask of him. He heels, rounds up & keeps the wings of the drag tucked in. He's sensitive and obedient, but not timid. His disposition is super around kids! Despite his predominantly black color, combined with Ginger he produced a wide variety of colored pups. Sam has a natural bob tail. A few of his pups come with complete bob tails and a few half tails. He has a nice short, smooth coat of hair that avoids collecting the burs and junk very well.

Sam is a 65 lb. dog and stands 21 inches tall.  

Future Sam puppies await the right little red or blue heeler female.

My Experience With Cow Dogs

As a young girl I learned the value of a good cow dog after years of working

cattle through canyons, timber, brush and hot summer days.

Sometimes the good ones are few and far between,

but I've learned it is mostly dependant on how the new owner or trainer handles

them and what kinds of good and bad experiences the dog has as a puppy.

Maybe more importantly is whether they are trained with a good older dog

that knows how to work.

However many of my pups have been trained to work by their new owners without an older

dog to teach them.

Here on our ranch, for the last 15 years, we have had good older dogs training

our young pups and it sure makes a difference.

Sam has produced just 2 litters for now, crossed on old Ginger, pictured below. 

I will use him for breeding some time in the future when I find a

suitable match and have time to run two producing females.

Yes he is half Lab through his sire!

It doesn't seem to affect his natural cow dog sense from his mother's cow dog bloodline,

and if anything, enhances his loyalty, determination and quick to please attitude. 

Come trail cattle with us sometime and see Sam and his pups work!

We currently use 1 male dog that is a half brothers to Tina, a son of Sam & Ginger

and they have no trouble moving our cattle.

They make good family pets and seem to guard our corn patch very well too!


Reference Stock Dogs:

Old Jasper

Jasper was the sire to the May 13th, 2006 Litter of 3 Pups.

Jasper worked for me for 14 years, whelped in the spring of 1992 and passed on in October 2006.  

This Border Collie/Aussie mixed dog was a loyal, hard working companion for me. 

In his younger days he used to tuck the wings of a herd in with no trouble and would drive a herd from

behind on his own.  Many times as I was trailing cows by myself, Jasper would bring up the

drag while I guided the herd from the flanks.  Priceless!  

He was a natural for laying down on command and even on his own when

working a herd of cattle in order to not spook them.

He wasn't perfect, nor did he have any stock dog trials trophies or points,

just a good, hard working cow dog! 

That's what matters to me most of all, just getting the job done! 

Registration papers don't mean squat!


The May 13th, 2006 litter with Tina was Jasper's last litter that he sired.

My dear old dog BOAGIE!

Most of the dogs we currently own stem from this old Blue Heeler/Aussie mixed dog!

Boagie had a classic Blue Heeler mother and a natural bob-tailed red Aussie or Australian Sheperd sire. 

Boagie carried the same natural bob tail and passed it down to many of his pups and descendants.

Sam, the black half lab dog above, is a grandson of old Boagie!  

Boagie was one tough cow dog in his day! 

He loved to break up the bulls when they were fighting out on the trail! 

I don't know how he made it out from underneath them alive, but he always got the bulls seperated!

  He used to track down cows hidden in the timber up on the mountain during roundups

and he could sneak in and heel a cow before they even knew he was anywhere near them. 

Always a talker with his own special "Woo, Woo, Woo greeting!

He always had a 'happy go lucky' attitude and was ready to go to work anytime, anywhere. 

Many times he became a protector of our children on the ranch in small, subtle ways. 

He even protected my friends! What a personality!  He always knew when danger was lurking nearby!

His grandson, Sam (pictured above on this page) , has that same protective, hard working Boagie attitude!

One of these days I'll post my Boagie and Sam stories on the website for all to read!

Papers don't mean squat on a real ranch!  It's a dog's loyalty and hard working attitude

that gets the work done!  A show dog is just that...made for show. 

Here on this ranch they are bred to work!



Ginger - Red Heeler, Border Collie Mix, Retired  Working Cow Dog,  Ten Sleep Wyoming

Ginger produced 11 litters during her life time.

She was a super mother and raised many good cow dogs and lovable, loyal pets.

Her mother was a short haired, black/white Border Collie

and her sire was a typical broad headed, red merle Heeler.

Ginger produced plenty of color in her pups because of her mixed breeding.

She is the mother to 5 of our working stock dogs, including Blacky pictured above.
My appreciation goes out to all who purchased a Ginger puppy ,fed and cared for them properly

and trained them well! 

If I haven't heard from you about your Ginger (crossed on old Boagie or Sam) puppies,

please let me know how they turned out for you.

I also would like to see a picture of them if you could send one to me!

I'd love to post them on the website too,

with your name shown or if you prefer, your name withheld.


Did you know that when your puppy is growing you shouldn't touch,

pet or massage their cute little ears repeatedly or constantly?

Why not you say? 

Well...the cartilage or tissues in their ears that later helps them stand up is tender

and soft when they are young. 

The more you pet or rub their ears, the more chance that

the ears will flop over or look unevenly matched. 

They might stand up as much as their physical genetics will allow if you

don't mess with them while they are in

their puppy growing stages!  I know, it's hard to not touch them! 

Been there, done that and seen other dogs with excessively odd ears!

However, sometimes it could be just an odd genetic occurence!

So maybe it wasn't your fault!  :-)

But...why not give them a chance to grow out naturally!


Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses


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